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How to Create the Right Logo for Your Company

Lewis Robinson Sep 21, 2019
Read about the tips and steps towards creating a logo for your company that will stand out and represent your business in a better way in the market, among other competitors.

Creating a Stand Out Logo to Set Your Business Apart

Importance of a logo for a large or small business can't be understated. A logo makes a business more known to current and potential customers. We know what Nike swoosh or red target for Target represents and immediately associate them with their companies.
You want a logo that will inspire same recognizability for customers. Your logo will let you advertise better and create merchandise with your logo. Picking the right logo can seem a painstaking process because the choice is so important for the future of the business. Here are some tips for picking out a logo.

How to Pick a Logo Image

The image you include in your logo is important as it is what customers will remember. You do not want an image that is overdone or does not represent your brand. For instance, a bakery should not have image of tigers unless their name somehow includes the word 'tiger'.
It has nothing to do with what they sell and adds nothing to the memorability of their brand. Whereas, a generic-looking cupcake will not get the job done either, as many bakeries are using a similar image already. Be sure to pick an image that represents your brand, and has unique aspects.
A good example of a company using a generic image and personalizing it, is Evernote. They are an app for note-taking and their image is an elephant. This is a nod to elephants never forgetting.
Their elephant has a unique curl to its trunk and its ear looks like a turned down page in a notebook. This makes it stand out and perfectly represents the brand image.

Using Custom Typeface

A customized typeface is another great choice for making a logo that stands out. If you prefer a minimal image, such as small leaves or flowers, a customized typeface is a must. If you are using a larger image, a customized typeface is still a benefit to you.
Think about Disney and Harry Potter, both of which have unmistakable typefaces most people immediately recognize even if used out of context. Having a specialized typeface for your business can set you apart the same way.

Choosing Your Color Palette

The colors you choose to use are very important. First, make sure the image will look good in color or in grayscale. You will use this logo on letterhead and other applications where it may be cost-effective to print it without color. Depending on your logo, a black and white version may be all you need.
If you do use color, think about what that color is communicating to your customers. Colors have different psychological effects, and also hold different meanings in different cultures. Also, make sure if you are marketing in a different country the colors you choose will work there as well.

Picking a Logo Maker

There are so many online logo makers to choose from. There are sites like Fiver where you connect with someone who will create your logo, and sites where you plug in some info and they design logos that match your specifications.
Getting logos made can often be costly, so you also want to look into a free logo maker as it may fit your needs and be much more cost-effective.
No matter how you have your logo created, follow the tips here to create something that will truly represent your company. Staying on brand and making a logo that will attract potential customers will increase your business and help draw in new customers.
Get your logo created as soon as you can, as you do not want to operate for too long without one and lose possible business!