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How to Develop a Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Anna Scott Aug 7, 2019
If you own a brand or a business and want to improve its goal and reach, then there are a few things you should do. The very first step is to market it across social media outlets. In this digital age, there is no denying the fact that social media upholds a lot of importance, therefore create a best way to utilize this tool.

Know Who Your Audience Is

By keeping an eye on your insights, you can check out the demographics. Is your main audience male or female, age, country, etc? This is a very important factor that comes into play when you create social media campaigns. You should always keep in mind your audience and then plan accordingly.

Set Out Goals

Goals are the measure to know whether your strategy and plans are working or not. Without them, you will have no feedback to work on. Therefore, plan what the goal of your campaign is. Is it return on investment? Is it to improve following or for increasing engagement?

Know Your Competitors Well

Whatever your brand is, you will always have some similar companies with the same objectives which will be your rivals. Before launching anything, research them well. Know what they offer, what is the cost and company objective, etc. This will help you to improve your campaign planning well, because you may be doing the same thing.

Use Each Platform Differently

You cannot use each social media platform for the same thing. For example, Instagram may be used to share new campaigns, Snapchat for daily and behind the scenes snaps, while twitter is mainly used to interact and talk with the customers. If you use each social media platform in the same manner then this will turn away the customers.

Create a Content Calendar

Plan well before posting any of the upcoming events and campaigns. With a content calendar, you can visualize what you are going to share on what day, and on which platform. This will remove any sort of confusion and even help you plan better.


Although the concept of social media marketing in Pakistan is not that new, there is still a long way to go before brands realize that this tool can work a great deal in their favor. Before you start to work on it, you need to know about your audience, what you are offering and the market conditions.