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How to Draw New Customers to Your Business

Finnegan Pierson Nov 18, 2019
For any business to flourish and make money, it has to sell products or services to others (customers). This is to say, if your company doesn’t have customers, there will be no business, and you are likely to close its doors.
Whatever your business deals with, there must be customers for you to continue in the industry. The process of attracting new customers and making money is not as easy. You, therefore, need to come up with a business strategy that will help you attract more people and convert them to customers.

Use Word of Mouth

Advertising is a good way of getting your brand to the crowd. However, when you are low on budget, you don’t have to wait until when your business falls down the drain to start advertising. Word of mouth has been the oldest trick that most companies use, and they are successful.
Comparing this with other advertising forms will show that word of mouth is slow and will not bring as many results. However, it is better than when you don’t do anything at all. Additionally, it is not possible to get all customers on board at once. The more you communicate with people, the higher the chances you get to attract them for business.

Offer Discounts

You don’t have to spend so much to attract customers to your company. Instead, you can change the price tags on particular items to give discounts and better deals. For any customer base to grow, you must show you care for the people you are selling your brand too.
Additionally, no matter how small your discounts are, the thought that you have given something out as an acknowledgment to the clients is enough. Discounts make it easy for people who don’t buy from you to flock in large numbers to be part of the discount.
It gets even better when you come up with strategies to give better deals than your competitors. It will not hurt to occasionally give out coupons or even give out some items or services for free. This can be achieved by setting flash sales on respective items.

Measure Your CAC

Calculating your customer acquisition cost is a better way to gauge your performance and where you need to improve. This can be calculated with a spreadsheet where you divide the number of products or services you have sold in a particular period by the number of new customers.
Then, calculate the cost of your marketing strategies and evaluate that with the customers you converted. This way, it will be easy for you to monitor if your brand is attracting customers and where need to be improved.

Discover Your Customer

No matter how effective your products or services might be, they are not a perfect fit for everyone. In other words, your brand has to target a particular customer base for it to excel. Therefore, as other brands are coming up daily, it is essential for you to identify your customers, and where to find them faster.
For instance, if your brand targets a youthful audience, the best place to get them and sell your brand is online. Create an account for your business, indicate various products or services that you find helpful, and sell to them while at their comfort.
Spending much time and resources advertising your brand offline while targeting the online market will be passing the right information to the wrong people. The same applies when you market a product or service online while it should be advertised in the media.


Whichever medium you use to get people towards your brand, it has to work as a long term investment. You also don’t have to assume things while building customers.
Be open and attentive to customers’ expectations of your brand. Lastly, keep revising your pricing as often to ensure that customers are satisfied with the way you conduct your business at all times.