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How to Increase Your Accounting Website Traffic in 5 Steps

Aubrey Holt Jul 16, 2019
If you are an accountant and have your own firm, you know how competitive is this industry. If you type accountant on google maps, you’ll get a lot of suggestions near your location. If you have a website, getting your website to be number one on the SERP is a challenge but not impossible.
If you are struggling with website traffic and business recognition, here are some steps you can take with your digital marketing efforts.

#1 Website Structure

First of all, you need to have a website that Google will understand, this means clean code on the back end. Google or any other search engine prefer websites that are not hard to crawl. Although search engines are getting better at this, it’s been said that they prefer organized HTML code.

#2 On-Site SEO

Once you have your website up, you need to focus on your on-site SEO. Keyword research is a big part of SEO because it helps you determine which keywords are people typing when they are searching for services like yours. Also writing helpful content for your customers is great for your SEO strategy because you are letting Google know who you are.

#3 Directories and Citations

It’s important for you to submit your business information to popular directories like Yelp, Yellowpages, Google, etc. Submit it to the most important first to let search engines know that you exist and are a real business.
This also helps your business gain some authority and it’s important because people can leave reviews which also helps tremendously when it comes to your online strategy.

#4 Backlinks

Backlinks are referred to as links a website gets from another website. In the SEO world, it’s super important because it builds authority to your website.
Basically it is telling that you are popular, and need to be ranked higher. But, You have to be careful with this, search engines are getting smarter. So none of this stuff can be spammy or un-natural.

#5 Track, Test, Optimize

And finally, you need to be tracking all of this process, if you are not tracking, then is not proper marketing. The beauty of this is that you can use tools the search engines provide to you. Like Google Analytics, Search Console and more. Find out which pages are working and bringing the most traffic and get rid of the not working.
Getting website traffic that converts is not an easy task but is not impossible. Examples like Karpos & Associates accounting firm demonstrate what’s possible. Being an entrepreneur is challenging but with the right help and knowledge, you can be ahead of the curve. The earlier you start the better.