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How to Integrate Traditional and Digital Marketing

Here is a short guide about types of marketing.
John Jefferson Sep 6, 2019
It is of no news today, the majority of businesses and enterprises are beginning to embrace digital marketing procedures. It could firstly be about advertising a promotion on the internet, owning a social media handle, or even having a website just to drive leads and bring about the funnel of sales.
However, all of a sudden shift in respect to evolving technology has drifted many businesses to abandon and forget basic traditional marketing methods and strategies that have proven effective over decades ago. Whilst traditional marketing strategies may be old, they still have their benefits and can ultimately boost sales and increase the brand’s awareness.

What Is Traditional Marketing?

Many people still have a picture in mind how newspapers were usually filled with different brand’s ads a couple of decades ago. We can’t take away the fact that television ads have been for several years and still relevant even with the invention of smartphones and computers.
You may not be familiarized with leaflets and brochures in this generation, however, they have played important marketing roles for different companies. All these and many more are termed traditional marketing strategies and they have proved effective in their own ways over the years.
For example, the target audience prefers leaflets issued by businesses as a point of reference and acknowledgment. Radio and television ads have proven to reach many target audience within a short time as long as the target audience is switched on to the radio frequencies where the ads play.
Truth is, traditional marketing strategies are good at creating a lasting impression and memory. You can do a quick verification by asking elderly people, they still have a memory of an ad track played on their favourite TV way back in the 70s.

What Is Digital Marketing?

According to marketing experts, today, in the market world, we have completely new marketing procedures that serve as tools for different brand and businesses. Having a starting point with digital marketing is mostly marked by either having a personal website or owning a social media page.
Other digital marketing strategies include social media marketing, newsletters, web pages among many others. An undeniable fact about digital marketing is that market targeting is more reliable and accurate.
With the use of SEO and enhanced website strategies, businesses can have global visibility within a short period of time. Digital marketing is also interactive and effective, especially nowadays where there's a rise in the advancement of technology.