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How to Start a Career in Marketing

Geeta Dhavale Mar 14, 2019
Marketing is not just selling things, but is associated with all activities that play a part in selling a particular commodity and help run the graphs vertically. Here's more on this.
Marketing is one of the fun and enjoyable fields that brings challenges and adventures everyday. Apart from that, it is one of the professions that will be always in demand irrespective of the ups and down in the economy.
It is because of the fact that there will be organizations who would have some or the other products or services that need to be sold for profit, and for this task they would need marketing professionals who contribute enormously to the profits of the organization.
Well, that answers the frequently asked question, as to why choose marketing as a career. A person who can communicate his thoughts, ideas, and information clearly with others, stands a good chance of becoming a successful marketing professional.
It initially is a tough job, as this field is also very challenging, but with consistent performance and hard work, it is possible to get a heads up.

Enroll Yourself in a Business School

As mentioned earlier, marketing is a competitive field, and today, many companies prefer hiring professionals who are trained to enter in the industry.
It is found that many organizations take students who have a bachelor's or master's degree in marketing or in business management.
So, it is advisable for you to enroll yourself in a good business school to get a good start in this field. Once you get admission, make sure to take relevant subjects that can help you understand marketing better.

Join As a Trainee

While you are studying, try to join some organization as a trainee, where you will get the actual feel of the industry. It will give you an opportunity to get a hands-on experience on peculiar tasks and processes involved.
There are organizations that have training departments that allow graduates to work with them for a certain period to gain experience. But, for this, you must be serious, committed, and must concentrate on your work, so that the company hires you.

Complete the Internship

Many business schools ask their students to complete their internship for practical and hands-on experience.
And it is mandatory for some universities that you have to submit the internship certificate to get the final degree. These internship programs are also a good way to enter in this field.
You must show a lot of dedication and enthusiasm during the internship period. Who knows, they might even offer you a full-time job once you complete your degree. Another little tip is to be open-minded and learn as many things as possible to get more experience and a broader perspective.

Draft a Good Resume

If you do not get a job during internship or training, don't be disheartened. Make a resume that highlights your strengths that includes your work during internship and research or dissertation, etc.
You can forward your resume to different companies separately or can upload your profile on any of the job sites to get interview calls and prepare yourself well for them.
Remember that networking and building contacts is very important to get good job opportunities. Generally, it's the 'contacts' that would inform you about the openings in their companies that can suit your profile, and with their recommendation you may stand a good chance to grab that job.