How to Use Facebook for Business

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How to Use Facebook for Business

The biggest and the most successful companies use Facebook as an interactive platform, and this is something you need to undertake as well in order to ensure a successful business approach.

With the massive rise in the number of Facebook users all over the world, the importance of using it for business is becoming more prominent. Conventionally, many people used to believe that Facebook is strictly for personal contact with friends and family members, and these people used to resort to LinkedIn for business purposes. But this mindset has changed now, and this is simply down to its overwhelming popularity.

No matter what kind of business you run, and on what scale it operates, you can use Facebook as an effective marketing tool. You can use it to acquire new customers, to reach out to existing customers, and you can also use it as a platform to start various new marketing campaigns. In fact, a whole new sector of marketing known as social media marketing has now evolved, and this involves the use of social networking sites to market products and services.

The cost of reaching out to plenty of people on Facebook is minimal, and this is one of the primary benefits. Moreover, people spend hours on it and log in many times a day so the scope for exposure is even higher. Another benefit is that people now access Facebook from their smartphones as well, so there is a chance that they can access it at any time of the day. Thus, a marketer can spread his message very conveniently, and at a very low cost.

Using Facebook as Business Promotion

There are many ways in which you can optimize your business and make money by using Facebook, which entirely depends on your understanding of the platform and the power it brings. If you are in the B2C (Business to Consumer) marketing realm, then this is an optimal platform to make use of. If you are spreading a campaign about an upcoming product, this is a good way to get people excited about it. What’s more, if you are a freelancer looking for work, this is a great tool for showcasing your portfolio. The possibilities are truly endless.

Add More Friends

Simple fact: more the number of friends, better the promotion. The best thing to do is add as many friends as you can to your profile. If you are a popular business, or individual, people will add you on their own. But at the humble beginning you will have to reach out to as many people as possible. Add the people who fit the description of your demographic and target market for better results. The advantages of advertising on Facebook will ensure that your business faces a massive surge in popularity. Expand your friend circle by becoming a member of groups having similar interests as yours, and learn about their approaches with reference to the promotion of their business.

Update Your Profile

If you are advertising certain things about your business, then you must ensure that all your friends receive regular updates from time to time. After all, your profile is your business card. Include important and attractive information on your profile page, and update information as and when you see fit. Update your status at least twice a day, so that your presence is not forgotten. Install proper applications for the integration of feeds. Add your e-mail ID and contact number to your profile so that your friends and clients find it extremely easy to contact you. It will also add to your credibility.

Create Groups and Participate in Others

You must also create a group of your own, and participate in similar groups created by others. This will enhance your presence on the community, and will make sure that you are never out of the public eye. Hold polls and ask people for their feedback and opinion as well. When you update your page regularly, the members in your group will get an insight of your company’s events and happenings. What’s more, sharing external links with the members of your group to promote your brand in all possible ways. If there is an important announcement that you need to make, use the groups you have created and also your status information.

Here are some more pointers that you must keep in mind. Once you realize all the reasons, nothing should hold you back from exploiting the power that you now possess:

  • Create a business account in the community.
  • Create fan pages from time to time.
  • Involve people with quizzes, contests, competitions, and other events.
  • Integrate other social networking accounts into Facebook.
  • Add marketing collaterals like signatures and business cards to your profile.
  • Share brief details of the work you are currently undertaking.
  • Share some information and articles that people may find useful.
  • Get some industry experts or bloggers to share thoughts with you.
  • Use Facebook Ads and Facebook Beacon for optimization. Details are available on the website.

Simply knowing all these pointers is not enough. When you create a business profile, you must realize that you are humanizing the business, and it must act like any individual would. This will increase the exposure the business gets, and it will also enable the business to show up results on Google search engine. With these tips in mind, your business can start growing phenomenally.

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