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Ideas for Trade Show Exhibit Booth Themes

Ideas for Cool Trade Show Exhibit Booth Themes to Lure Consumers

The planning for a trade show needs to involve many elements. The theme is important in attracting prospective buyers. Here are some ideas that you could use.
Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017
A trade show acts as a medium between companies and consumers. They are an option for companies to display their products, wherein, the consumers can interact directly with the company representatives and also check out the products displayed. Trade show promotions are an innovative tool used by advertisers to market products for their clients. The responsibility rests solely with the event planning agencies.
Advertisers and event managers need to come up with innovative strategies to promote brands and products, to translate into sales for their clients. Therefore, event managers give utmost importance to the d├ęcor of the trade show exhibit booths. When the competition is tough, it's the concept and the theme that matter to promote a company. This draws interest and attracts crowds, which can even lead to impulsive buying.
Things to Consider
Before deciding upon the theme, you need to:
  • Budget of the client
  • Total area to be used
  • Product(s) to be advertised
  • Target group
  • The flexibility required in terms of themes and designs (This is useful when the exhibition or trade fair is held in different cities and therefore, would require portable displays.)
Planning for the theme will require you to consider many elements to make the booth look as attractive as possible, and also establish a connection between the company and the consumer. You can begin by thinking about the logo. A stand-alone board can be a useful addition that displays the logo on the board. The logo can be used creatively and repeatedly in the booth to establish the brand image. You can incorporate the logo on the clothing of the company representatives too. The tablecloth and the banners used can all display the logo. A logo-based theme will thus help impress the name of the company on the minds of the visitors.
Color-coding can be used to successfully brand any company or product. Company representatives can wear clothing with colors used in the product or company logo. Similar colored jackets or even shirts are a good way of creating a unity and harmony in design. This can be complemented with matching boards and displays. A simple idea such as balloons can also help make an exhibit booth look interesting. The colors of the balloons can be chosen accordingly, and this is bound to attract visitors.
International Theme
You can even plan to have an international theme for the booth. This will also depend upon the product to be advertised. You can create a scene of an international location to attract many visitors. A beautiful set that is based on Italy, such as a Venice scene with a gondola will only add to the beauty of the setting, and attract visitors to take a look at the product being advertised.
Another option would be to plan an entire theme with innovative structures for the booth. Hollywood is one such popular theme. This can include lights, posters or cutouts, red carpet, and even the famous Hollywood sidewalk for the flooring. Each booth can then be planned accordingly and can incorporate many such ideas based completely on Hollywood. The booths can include movie set props too. Such themes are particularly useful to transform any ordinary area into a beautiful and lavish setting.
Local Flavor
Is the product known locally and competing with well-known brands? Well, then the booths can be given a local flavor in terms of design. If there is a festive occasion, it can be incorporated in the design along with important elements from that particular area. Use slogans in the local language or create an atmosphere where locals can easily connect and identify with the brand. This helps in brand promotion. Using such locally relevant themes can also help launch new products and make them acceptable amongst people.
Trade show exhibit booths are very important for any company in order to connect with the buyers. Make sure you select an appropriate display to make the booth a complete crowd-puller.
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