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Is YourNetBiz a Scam?

Is YourNetBiz a Scam?

Internet marketing has become so popular that it has become very easy to lure customers into scams and frauds. Is YourNetBiz scam a reality? Let's discuss that in this article.
Kundan Pandey
The scope and extent of internet marketing has increased by leaps and bounds in the recent years. And consequently, making quick money online has gained lots of attention. There are hundreds of thousands of websites that allure customers to make money online through fast and what they call as tried, tested and proven methods.


It is not that there are no reliable and well established websites on the internet that can help you in making money online through their marketing business plans however, owing to extensive usage of internet, thousands of fake websites have popped up in the recent years. This has raised questions on legitimacy of various internet advertising enterprises.

Younetbiz Company
YourNetBiz, that claims it to be an 'online direct sales business', was formerly known as MyInterNetBusinness and was founded in April 2008, by Rob Hannley, Dave Garden and Darren Gaudry of 'Passport to Wealth'. It was relaunched in May 2009 as YourNetBiz.

YourNetBiz: Services Offered
YourNetBiz acts as an internet home business and it offers commission to candidates based on the number of sales members they add in a team. In essence, you'll be given a targeted traffic to sell your products. The four major products that are offered by this company are bronze at lowest level and at a prize of US$495, silver at US$995, gold at US$1995 and platinum at the top with US$2995.

The company sells products for ebooks, software, travel packages, digital products and physical products. Based on the product group, you're registered as, your earning potential is decided. Those who're in the lower end of product group (bronze, silver) have the potential to earn US$300 as a commission on per YourNetBiz product sale whereas those high up in the ladder (gold, platinum) can earn anything between US$2000 per sale. Simultaneously, you need to add members to your team and more the number of people you add, more will be your earning potential.

Is it a Scam?
As stated earlier, you've the potential to earn US$300 or US$2000 for every member you make in your respective groups. There are hosts of issues that have made YourNetBiz subject to various controversies. Firstly, there is a general misconception among people that even being a beginner in the internet marketing business, they have the potential to earn large amount of money.

Basically, people with good experiences in MLM leads and sales secrets on internet marketing have better opportunities to make money through these programs. Among different business opportunities, YourNetBiz is ideal for those marketers who've good work experience in dealing with internet business systems. Generally, people who're beginners and are unable to make some money in this business, they end up venting their frustration out on the reputation of such internet marketing systems. On the contrary, YourNetBiz training programs have been found to be very popular in helping people develop sales and training skills pertaining to YourNetBiz product sales.

YourNetBiz reviews will show you that there are various benefits of YourNetBiz program. Nevertheless, there are some issues related to customers satisfaction, that needs to be researched properly, before opting for such programs. The truth about YourNetBiz scam can be understood by being more aware about such programs and proper researching on the internet.