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Keys for A Better Online Presence

Finnegan Pierson Jan 14, 2020
Achieving the right look for your website and social media posts can be challenging but it is extremely important. Business cards and billboards still have their place but these days your online presence can make or break your brand.

Cool Logo

Designing a logo can be daunting. It is a representation of your business, saying in one graphic what makes you unique among other firms. It should be relevant yet timeless, flexible yet distinct. That can seem like a lot to ask but if you get this part right, it can work wonders for your brand. Use a Free Logo Maker to play around with ideas.
Use a site that will allow you to save several logos so you can compare a handful of finished products. Before choosing, consult with some members of your target demographic or an informal set of advisors. For the most helpful feedback, ask for a vote then delve deeper to see what aspects of each choice resonates with each voter.

Consistent Visual Components

When you designed your logo you likely chose colors and fonts; be sure those same colors and fonts are used throughout your website and social media posts. Graphic designers advise using just two or three fonts throughout your site. Choose fonts that coordinate but contrast; most often this means one serif and one sans serif option.
When you think you have a web page finished, check for readability and then put it to test. Imagine a client is viewing your site and can see everything but your company name. If that viewer could still identify the site as belonging to your business, you have achieved your goal. Now use that first page as a guide for all the other pages on your site.

Constant Visibility

Social media platforms are a great way to stay fresh and relevant with your online community. However, consumers can become so inundated with notifications and messages that yours may get lost. Make your messages stand out with eye-catching images and well-worded text that will connect with your firm’s target audience and reinforce your values.
Resist the temptation to fill your feed with ads. Instead, nurture your online community by initiating discussions, posting memes and sharing videos—but remember you still want to subtly connect each post to your company. You can achieve this through the use of colors, borders and other graphic elements.


Every industry has a few firms that stand out. Figure out which of your competitors you’d most like to emulate their online presence. Visit their websites, check out their social posts and note the features that stand out to you. You won’t want to copy what they do but there will be things you can learn and adapt to fit your brand.
Another approach is to note others and do the opposite to differentiate yourself. In a field steeped in tradition, you may want to distinguish your firm’s creative approach. Most newcomers to industry benefit from striking balance between fitting in and standing out and visual presence is a powerful way to do so.