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How to Make Money on Facebook

How to Make Money on Facebook

Facebook is the most popular and widely used social networking site across the globe, but very few know that it can also be used to make money. Read the following article to understand the techniques used for the same.
Aparna Jadhav
Facebook is a very well-known platform for a number of activities other than socializing. In today's world, everything in the corporate and social world depends on the Internet. There are several websites that provide people with various opportunities to make the most of the presented business ideas. Facebook is one such website, which started off as a fun social networking site, where millions of users could get in touch with long lost acquaintances.

Today, with the evolution in all aspects of technology, this website too has made a recent endeavor. It presents a unique opportunity for marketers, developers, and businesses alike. This is because it can tap into the social network's young, active, and viral crowd. Hence, making money is possible through many applications that are provided for its users.

Revenue Generation

Since Facebook is a social networking site first, it is likely that you will get a huge audience for your assignment. Thus, for a start, Internet advertising of your business can be a great idea. The best options for this way of making a few extra bucks are by creating pages and groups on this site by using its various applications. Mentioned below are a few ways, which will help you to earn that extra cash:

Through Pages
  • Before starting with your Internet business, you have to remember that this is a long-term strategy. When you create an account with Facebook, make sure that your personal profile is mainly about yourself and not too much about the business.
  • You don't have to make it look very formal as if you are there only to sell things; however, on the other hand, also do not be afraid to offer products and services directly on your profile page.
  • If you think you need more content on the personal page, you can use some of the different applications available on this site. This will help to fill some space or even sell items and services directly from your profile page.
  • When you do this, some of these apps will drive traffic to your site. They will do this not only from your profile but also through your pages, which you can make from advertising and services.
  • You can also generate traffic by making maximum number of friends and inviting them to join groups. You can send friend requests to members of these groups so that they know about your pages.
  • When you create pages, they are generally specific to your business or topics that you either care about or would like to consider for money generation.
Through Groups
  • Once you have your pages, which are ranked on Google - though poorly, you could then create a group to support each business or product line.
  • And when you have made one with these friends and members of the group, you can add videos and pictures and start topics of interest, as well as create posts and make offers.
  • Since it is your page and under your authorization, only you can delete the posts and videos that are unwanted; others can only add and write on your page.
  • You can also send invitations to your friends to join the group, as well as to visit the "stop by" friends groups, pages, and profile, inviting them, as well as asking them to participate on interesting topics.
  • Thus, when their friends see the group and the traffic that it has generated, they will also join. As you know, if you have used Facebook, when there are "postings" within the group, they are shown on the "Timeline" of all the member's accounts. This way you can also make money on fan pages and use such applications.
Warning: Make sure you go slow with this process, as the website will disable your account if you abuse the system. You should probably not send out more than 25 to 30 friend requests a day. Also, make sure that you do not create more than two pages, as well as two groups a week.

With these ways of making money on this popular site, you have to be careful that you are not violating any IP rights; not ensuring this may get you into trouble. Thus, make sure that you present the right facts and adhere to the guidelines of this site.