Makeup Artist Business Card Ideas

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Makeup Artist Business Card Ideas

A creative artist’s creativity must show in everything he or she does. And the same goes for their business card too. Take a look at these business card ideas.

If you are a makeup artist, people need to trust you for what you do. A job like such is all about aesthetics, and it is important that the end result turns out well. But do you realize that in a case like this, even the littlest of things matter. For instance, the first thing that helps inform a person about you and what you do, is your resume and business card. Imagine a bland makeup artist resume or a bunch of plain old boring business cards! Just the sound of it fails to impress, doesn’t it? Well, that’s right! As a creative artist, making an impression really does begin with the little things. Now here’s the next possible problem… You get the concept of aesthetically appealing, but you do not know how to get there. Well, we can tell you what to do.

Business Card Ideas for Makeup Artists

The advantage of being part of a field like makeup and fashion, is that you need not worry about the look you choose to go with. Whether it is plain, simple, and classy, or colorful and boisterous, you can go ahead with choosing what suits you, and best reflects your style and what you do. Take a look at a few ideas that you could possibly use.

Idea # 1

The first amongst several makeup artist business card designs that you could opt for is something basic, yet classy, all at the same time. Call it cliched if you must, but the good old combination of black, white, and pink, just couldn’t ever fail you. Opt for some pink damask against a black background, use some pretty and prominent font, and you shall be good to go. However, you must realize that a business card like this will be nothing more than a basic one, so if you aren’t really looking to attract too much attention, this should work for you just fine.

Idea # 2

So the first suggestion was as simple as simple could get. How about moving onto something a little more out there, yet keeping it underplayed. As contradictory as that may sound, it is possible. For a look that’s outright glamorous, play with the one color that you could just never go wrong with. Yeah, black is what I’m talking about. For an interesting look, team that fabulous black background with some foil, or even metallic colors if you please, and what you achieve is a foolproof result of classy. You could also team this with lips or nails, printed on there in bright colors. Doing so will give it a pop of color too, and we all know that some color never hurts anyone.

Idea # 3

The third option that you could go with is that of using a different material for your card, rather than very simply using a variety of print ideas. Using something with a metallic finish with your details embossed on to the card is a good way to go. What you could also do is have your card look like an eyeshadow palette, and get it embellished with other soft metallic colors to make it look like a full palette. Undoubtedly, using something like this as a business card will definitely turn out a tad expensive, but you can be sure that it will be well worth it, because it will create an impression on people, and how!

The above suggested were not even the tip of the iceberg, because what you can choose from, is in fact limitless. For other great ideas, just allow the creative juices to flow, and you’ll definitely be able to come up with something that defines who you are. If you do feel like you are running short of ideas, feel free to talk to your printer too, because you could maybe get to have a look at some makeup artist business card templates, and that could contribute towards something spectacular for you. Now that you have a few ideas at hand, go ahead and create some magic for yourself.

Business Cards for Make-up Artists
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