Marketing Plan Executive Summary

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Marketing Plan Executive Summary

An executive summary of your business plan is the first thing that will be read by anyone interested in your project. It should therefore, be short, and yet provide all the vital information regarding the business plan. Here, we shall provide a sample, to help you draft one for yourself.

An executive summary is a short description of all the important and core facts of the plan. It is usually attached as the first page of the plan, and in some cases, it is also handed out as a single document, without the report.

This document is used for almost any kind of plan, report, or proposal. Its basic objective is to convey to the reader, the core facts of the report, plan, or proposal.

Executive summary is used quite commonly used in the business and corporate world. There is no formally recommended format for the summary, or even the report itself, as every summary is bound to be unique. Thus, writing the best possible summary to the point is necessary. In order to make it precise, here are a few things that you can follow:

  • There are several downloads, examples, samples, and formats that can be used. Such formats would suggest you to give a background of the company, mission statement, and other such details about your company. Well it’s certainly not needed because, if the reader wants to know about your company he will go on the company’s website or research. Thus, avoid anything that points out to the company’s image, reputation, mission statements, etc. Here, in this report, you need to hit the nail right on the head, in the minimum possible words.
  • Start the report with the aim, objective, or need, as the situation demands. For example, if you are proposing an e-marketing strategy, state the basic reason how that plan’s execution will bring in a lot of business, revenue, and profit. Hence, in the first few lines, describe your logic of the plan, and how it is a good business plan.
  • Your remaining report will be based upon the first few lines, and in the due course of the document, explain what, when, how, and to whom you would be marketing.
  • Conventionally, the summary ends here. However, you will need to write an objective, in the form of sales forecast in some cases, like if you are specifically addressing the summary to some person with a certain objective or demand. For example, if you are proposing an Internet marketing business plan, it would be necessary to include the details of your aim and why you are approaching the person.
  • Lastly, let the report be comprehensive not very elaborate, crispy and precise all at the same time. The person reading the executive summary does not have time to read your entire plan and report, hence making it as simple as possible is necessary. Given below is a sample.
AgroVision Organic Foods


AgroVision organic foods caters to consumer food demand. The company manufactures food products from naturally and organically grown harvest. In the same light, the company proposes to expand an already launched brand of health foods, under the brand Harvest Barn. This is the marketing plan for the brand.

We are inviting all the supermarkets in your state to market, sell, advertise, and distribute the Harvest Barn product range.

Product Description

The company has launched the Harvest Barn brand and its products on an experimental basis in XYZ city (reports mentioned in the actual plan). The proposed food products go as follows:

  1. 14 different sandwiches
  2. 14 different rolls
  3. 14 different shakes and smoothies
  4. 14 different cookies
  5. 14 different cereals
  6. 14 different pizzas

The products would be packaged in paper and cardboard, and would have a validity of about 50 hours. The price list has been attached.

Market Potentials

The society is getting health conscious by the day, and a need for good, nutrition-rich food, which has less contamination and less preservatives has been experienced. The aforementioned products would be manufactured in regionally based plant, and would be shipped in the early morning hours, with proper refrigerated logistics. The food products are organic, and are made from naturally grown harvests, the farms are owned by the company. The entire population of the area is targeted as the market, and all demographics are taken into consideration. The products that would remain unsold would be taken back by the company for disposal in biogas and treatment plants.


In order to ascertain the tentative demand, our survey team would come into your individual shops to ascertain the demand. In addition to that, a trial week would be conducted.

The company offers a perfect 5% commission for sale of every product. In addition to that, the refrigeration equipment, advertisements, and the logistics would be provided by the company.

You may have noticed that the entire executive summary sample is short, and sticks to the basic facts. Also keep in mind that the attachment of price list or any financial working to the summary, proves to be of significant importance.

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