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Marketing Tips for Not-for-Profit Organisation

Stacy Tolkin Jun 21, 2019
So many charities struggle to get the funding that they really need to look after their cause, but we are here to help. Take a look at some of the easy and free ways that not-for-profit organisations can begin marketing themselves better!

First Things First…

Not-for-profit organisations are massively underfunded with most of their money coming solely from fundraising events and donations.
This means that they have to work extra hard to market their cause to prospective donors, sponsors and fundraisers! So, take a look at a few of the ways that you can utilise the tools available to better muscle up support!

Here are a few techniques that charities can use to market themselves in a competitive sector.

1. The Power of Social Media…

Charities that have multiple and continually updated social accounts are a lot more likely to gain a following (and therefore and audience) for their cause.

No social media equals no audience! People spend so much time online these days that their really is no reason not to make use of this free resource!
Social Media top tips for charities:
  • The main channels to use are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Try to post on each platform once a day
  • Respond to queries on your accounts to build up a rapport with potential supporters
  • Share multimedia (images, video, text, emojis)
  • Be emotive and use CTA's (calls to action)

2. Reaching Out to Corporate Sponsors

Ask local organisations if they want to get involved with events, donations and sponsorships. Don't be afraid to ask for support...There really is no harm in asking and you can tempt them with the positive impact that it will have on their own PR and marketing plans!
There are plenty of companies out there that support charities. My Favourite Voucher Codes is a discount site that donates money to a different charity every month!
Plenty of retailers, service providers and online shops are looking for new marketing opportunities, so approach them with a project or idea. You never know if you never try!
Set up a corporate sponsor page on your website...

Make it as easy as possible for corporate sponsors to help you. Set up a corporate sponsor page on your website, and fill it with contact details so that they can contact you easily and efficiently!

3. Telling Valuable Stories

Get your narrative game up..Nothing sells better than a great story. If you have a story about someone that you or your charity has helped then make sure that you take the time to write about it, and shout about it! Tell the story well!
Spread your story far and wide!
  • Put the story on your blog
  • Share it on social media
  • Ask sponsors to share it on their social media
  • Share photos with your story
  • Make the story into a video

4. Bagging Free PPC

You can make use of the worlds largest search engine. Did you know that Google offers free PPC for charities and not for profit organisations? Get to the top of those results without spending a penny! Simply register for a Goodle Ads account and start your application!

5. Events and Fundraisers

One of the tried and tested ways of muscling up some funds and getting your charity's name out there is by hosting events and fundraisers! Get those cake baking gloves on, and start raising money and support for your not for profit organisation!

6. Creating Video Content That Works…

Video content is one of the most powerful content forms. Not only is video predicted to be the primary form of gaining website traffic in the years to come, but it is a really powerful tool for disseminating messages too!
What to consider...
  • Getting in the professionals
  • Be emotive
  • Think about narrative
  • Consider the story
  • Use a CTA
  • Sharing your video
Filming a short video for your social channels and website is a great way to disseminate your message and market your not for profit!
YouTube is a powerful tool for better sharing your content as well, so be sure to use your video there! It may take some time and maybe finances to create a video, but the marketing benefits are definitely worth it!

Final Thought

Marketing in a not-for-profit can be really hard, especially when you have near to no budget to work with. But by utilising the power of social, reaching out to corporate partners, telling emotive stories and getting your free PPC, you should be well on your way to making a good start!