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Most Effective Forms of Marketing Today

Austin Winder Nov 4, 2019
Marketing is an essential aspect to consider for any business success, but which ones are still most effective? Here are some platforms of marketing your business should consider.

Most Effective Forms of Marketing Today

Marketing a business is a challenge. It requires staying on top of the latest technologies as well as understanding how people consume information regarding your company’s services. Whether you’re in charge of a family business, buying a franchise, or running a lemonade stand, marketing is one of the biggest factors of success in today’s industry.
It is also constantly changing and growing. Things that work now aren’t guaranteed to be effective in the future. However, if you’re looking to make a splash in your industry today, here are a few forms of marketing that should help you along the way.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is allowing companies to interact with customers in a personalized way that reduces marketing and operating costs. No longer is personalization limited to being able to automatically enter a newsletter recipient's name in the subject line.
AI is now able to carry a large part of the customer service burden and inform prospective clients on a brand's selling points.
Chat bots are a visible implementation of artificial intelligence technology. The bots' interactions with customers are so seamless that it is getting difficult to distinguish whether the user is dealing with a human representative or with lines of code in a program.
The benefits of using artificial intelligence for marketing revolve around the ability to gather and use data that leads to marketing, tailored to consumers. Rather than having to rely on a script, artificial intelligence can gauge user interest and meet their needs by using language that is best suited for the specific person.

Smart Speaker Advertising

Smart speaker advertising allows for bespoke communication with potential customers. Capabilities of voice technology have made great strides in recent years and personalizing a marketing message through this medium will be used more often in the years to come.

Customers as Brand Ambassadors

Building a strong sense of community as a technique for strengthening relationships with consumers is taken to the extreme with the placement of consumers as brand ambassadors.
By making engagement with audiences immediate and direct, brand loyalty will take new meaning for organizations that involve customers in company's marketing. This takes the need for collaboration with influencers out of the picture, placing the company in charge of their social media marketing.

Content Marketing

Gone are the days when building a bunch of backlinks to your website and engaging in a host of short-sighted tactics were enough to propel an internet presence to the top of Google's search results.
With new and advanced algorithms, Google is able to rank websites based on the relevance of its content. Producing helpful compelling content will always be the best way to dominate search engines and attract loyal, repeated visitors.

SEO A/B Split-Testing

A/B testing is a tactic all serious marketing agencies and in-house marketing departments have used to optimize ads. However, the ability to optimize your website by using split-testing for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a relatively new concept.
Tools that allow you to display two or more different versions of your site and measure data on specific elements is offering webmasters greater flexibility in their SEO and is taking a lot of the guess-work out of maintaining a website.

Print Marketing

Print marketing is experiencing a resurgence due to studies that show that tangible marketing material when used in conjunction with digital campaigns, can boost results.
Although newspapers and magazines are going the way of the dinosaurs, printed material like direct mailings and posters can result in more effective brand-building. Print results in even greater results when the capacity for personalization is added into the mix.
The use of technology alone is not enough to create successful marketing campaigns. Companies that understand their target audience's needs and use technology to speak to those needs are the most effective at capturing their interest.
A strong marketing message can be conveyed using cutting edge technology in combination with more traditional methods, such as print and word-of-mouth.