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Newage Branding 101: How to Start from Scratch

Mandeep Singh Nov 22, 2019
BRAND is defined as “Name, term, design, symbol and other features that identify one person to another person about their services and objectives. But the brand is more than that. In terms of logo, a brand lives and involved in the mind of potential clients. This means, it is a complete set of emotions and ideas that consumers associate with your company.

1. Identify Your Audience

First and most important, think about who is your target audience. So, that you make sure they connect to the brand that you build. Don’t try to target everyone. Instead, start with one or two demographics and slowly expand from there. Try to find out their common interests and characteristics.

2. Initialize Your Competitors Brand

Next, start evaluating the brands of your competitors. Through this, you can understand a lot about marketing strategies. If you want to crystallize your new brand and want to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to know how other companies fulfilling the similar needs of customers.

3. Create a Mission Statement

Another most important step of brand building is to create your mission statement. Your mission statement represents the purpose of your existing. In short, it is a great way to explore or summarized your objects and services that give a clear vision to your employees and clients.

4. Build Out Your Visual Identity

Creating a logo is just one small step toward developing a strong brand identity. Your logo is the representing face of your business and distinguishes you and your business in the ocean of brands.

5. Consistency is the Key

Once you have established your brand personality with visual identity then it is time to ensure you remain consistent with them. Consistency develops routines and builds momentum. Without it, you won’t become the king of this Digital marketing world.