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Optimize Marketing Using SEO for Your Website

Lewis Robinson Oct 22, 2019
There are five principles of SEO that you can use when developing a website. What should you do and look out for as you code along? It is very easy to get caught up in the designing of the website and how things look and you ignore the structure of your HTML as an SEO friendly structure.

Title Tag

A title tag should accurately describe what your business is about. This plays a part in branding your company. If you’re looking for customers who want web development and design using Bulma CSS, not necessarily the cheapest web development out there, then you should not put that in your title tag. Think about using frameworks to make process easer.

Description Tag

The description tag is used to tell the user of what your page is about and what they can expect to see when they get there. The description tag should be should be less than 160 characters. So you want to keep your description tag nice, neat, clean, and short. Also, your description tag should have keywords that are in your title.

H2 Tags

Most web developers/marketers might decide to skip H2 tags. But that will drastically reduce their SEO. Make sure your front page have H1, H2, H3 and H4 tags if possible. However, H2 must be on your website somewhere as a heading. The presence of H2 will reduce your search engine efforts by about 30 to 40%. Each page should have one, so make sure of that.


In April 2015, Google changed its algorithm to make keywords not so relevant anymore. Now, it uses mobile friendliness of your website, the content that's on your page, your title tag and your description to determine where you should rank on a page. If your images are too large, Google will drop down your mobile ranking, which also affects your SEO.


Ensure that your key words accurately describe your page. You should never have the exact same keywords on every single page. If every single page of your website has the exact same keywords, Google automatically assumes that each of those pages has the same content, so it won't index every single page.