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Most Comprehensive Overview of Public Relations and its Benefits

Khushnuma Irani May 13, 2019
Do you want to know what public relations (PR) is all about? Here, we have explained the purpose and benefits of this process.
The world of marketing centers around the four Ps: product, price, place, and promotion. Among all of these, the one which is most important, is not well understood and given its due.
Most people think PR involves the operation of communication activities between the public and the company such as press releases and the kind. But what they do not realize is the fact that it is an extremely essential and integral marketing tool.


Public relations (PR) is the way organizations, companies, and individuals communicate with the public and media. It is a process where a company forms a relationship with its customers and stakeholders using different methods of publicity.
Ideally, the company would hire a liaison officer called a public relations officer (PRO), who would be responsible for working with the media to build a strong company image.
It includes activities like that of creating awareness about the company, building its image through print media, keeping a check on the different media channels for any news regarding the company and its products, handling crises, and also building on the company's goodwill. It is also known as investor relations or financial relations in certain contexts.

Purpose of PR

Awareness about Products

When a new product is launched or an old product gets a makeover, that is when PR is used to create awareness among the people through the media.

Building Interest

One of the most important activities is to build hype and interest among the public; this could be about a product, a new launch, or anything related to its offerings. This interest can be created using various mediums such as mailers, advertisements, roadshows, etc.

Supplying Information

The company uses PR to supply information to its customers and to the public. This can be done through various methods like articles, newsletters, websites, and a lot more.

Increasing Demand

There are times when PR is directly responsible for increasing the demand; this could be due to a successful launch, or a great article in the newspaper or on the Internet.

Strengthening Brand Image

Most companies use PR to strengthen the company name and brand image. This is done through various events and press releases.


One of the main things to consider is the fact that PR is the most credible method of promoting a company, its products, and branding; this is due to the fact that, it uses the highly picky media in doing so.
A good promotion strategy also leads to better results, where target marketing is concerned. The benefits cannot be denied, but it needs to be done in an appropriate manner, as the public doesn't take to aggressive tactics very well nor does the media.
In today's world, public relations determine the company's image in the eye of the public. This practice is responsible for the way the common man perceives the company and its products/services. In simple terms, while marketing helps in 'sales', a good public relations policy will improve customer retention.