5 Most Prominent Tools That are Commonly Used in Public Relations

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Tools of Public Relations

There are several ways which can be used for maintaining good public relations, something which is of utmost importance in today’s world. Here’s more…

Public relations helps an organization, and its public adapt mutually to each other.
―Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)

In simple words, public relations is a way of communicating with various entities like employees, media, customers, clients, stockholders, and other related parties. It is a formal way of sharing company information in a well-organized and effective manner. It involves informing the related parties about topics which they are very interested in. The information can be anything related to company’s products, policies, important matters, announcements, etc. It can even be a subject which the media wants information on, such as controversial topics.

Public relations is one of the most significant obligations of marketing professionals working in the company. They should be thoroughly acquainted with the functioning and utilization of the tools required for PR. Few companies have skilled marketers who undertake PR tasks themselves, but some may have marketers who consult with PR professionals from the market to carry on such responsibilities. PR professionals are well-versed in thoroughly understanding and revealing all good studies of a company to the public. They have the expertise in handling media relations, which includes letting out company information to the media in an appropriate manner, that should in no way affect its goodwill.

Media Relations

This is the most important tool to maintain public relations. It includes giving out information about the company’s products and services to the press and media sector who publicize the information on the TV, radio, Internet, in newspapers and other publicity resources. PR professionals coordinate with members from the press and media regarding legal or social matters of the organization, products to be launched (in case of a manufacturing company), and the company top management info. This can be done effectively by modifying and presenting the matter in such a way that it won’t have an adverse effect on the company’s image in the business world. For making the media to publicize everything good about the company, PR managers try their level best to maintain healthy relations with the press, which may also be done by distributing some free gifts.

Media Tours

Such type of tours are generally conducted when a manufacturing company wants to successfully advertise and promote its newly launched product. There can never be an effective way of product publicity other than using media tours. In a media tour, the organization’s spokesperson goes to other important cities for introducing a new product or service. It may also include attending TV and radio talk shows, and being interviewed by press and media newsmen. The spokesman can be a company’s representative or anyone hired or contracted from outside. A celebrity also can be used for this purpose. A media tour might as well include airing a prerecorded interview on a famous TV channel.


This process includes collecting contact information of consumers or future customers, and sending newsletters to them which include the matter intended to be known by the targeted audience. The targeted people could be business marketers, end customers, middlemen, or traders. Newsletters may be made available either through regular mail or emails. If the company is from the manufacturing sector, the newsletter would include product information along with all the local distributors who deal in their products. Newsletters are certainly an effective way to get in touch with the existing or future customers.

Special Events

Reputed companies generally hold such events when they want to launch their products with a bash. Special events can be organized to publicize about the company and the product in a boastful way. In such special events, there is an arrangement for a party, dinner, and a set of stunts to be performed. This certainly attracts the attention of reporters and public media personnel, and the company eventually gets a good product coverage. PR managers effectively work with event management professionals to ensure that the program goes along in a well planned manner, and the intended message is reached to the public and the media.

Speaking Engagements

This task is carried out by the company representative; and includes presenting the company before the public in an industry convention, a corporate gathering, or a companies meet. This is a typical way of letting prospective clients know about the company’s potentials and capabilities. However, this method may not be taken into consideration for some product launch, it might solely be about communicating the company’s expertise in the related field to potential clients.

These are some of the effective and most widely used PR methods, which are implemented and followed by several business and manufacturing organizations worldwide.

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