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Creatively Noteworthy Restaurant Name Ideas to Inspire You

Restaurant Name Ideas
So you have decided to open a restaurant and are looking for ideas for a name for your lifelong dream? In this article, we tell you what are the things to keep in mind while naming your restaurant and give you a list of restaurant names for inspiration.
Tulika Nair
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
When you plan a dinner party or a luncheon date with someone and decide on a restaurant, what is the first thing about the restaurant that strikes you? The answer is pretty obvious. A restaurant is only as identifiable as its name. In case you are one of those people who is starting their own restaurant, it is important that you come up with some great ideas that you can use to pick out the best name for your restaurant.
Choosing a Restaurant Name
You know what process you need to undertake in order to open a restaurant. You are prepared with everything except for a catchy name for the restaurant. Well if you do not come up with a name as soon as possible, you could be in deep trouble, because a good name for your restaurant is very important to be a successful restaurateur. The name of a restaurant represents what it stands for. It is indicative of the concept, the cuisine, and the ambiance of the restaurant. In this section of the article, we give you a list of simple tips that will help you come up with different ideas for the name of your restaurant.
  • Firstly, it is important that you always have your target audience in mind. If you are aiming at the sophisticated group of the city, then naming your restaurant Cheesy Bites may not cut it. Similarly a fast food restaurant that is called La Dolce Vita, maybe slightly too much. Restaurant names should be decided depending on the kind of crowd you are expecting.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is the concept of your restaurant. If you are opening an Italian restaurant or even a Mexican restaurant name, then you definitely cannot name your hotel, Chung Fa. It will be incongruous to say the least. One thing that may work in your favor is to name your restaurant in tandem with a geographical landmark.
  • Ask people for restaurant name suggestions. Try to be creative and come up with different and unique ideas for restaurant names. Check online, read books with ideas on names, etc. Do avoid naming your restaurant in a manner that is very similar to another well-known restaurant. Try to be as original as possible while naming your restaurant.
  • Remember to choose a name that will not get you into any sort of legal tangle. Ensure that you have complete rights to the name in question. This is extremely important.
  • Do avoid opting for restaurant names that are difficult to pronounce or remember. You want your guests to be able to remember the name with ease and spread the word amongst their friends and family. Opt for small names that are easy to pronounce.
  • If you are still unable to come up with suitable restaurant names ideas, then you could consider the option of hiring a specialist who can give you some great restaurant names.
List of Restaurant Names
Now that you know how to choose a name for your restaurant, given below is a list of ideas for restaurant names that you could take inspiration from. Some of these names are of existing restaurants, while others are ideas that you could play around with. Before starting a restaurant, it is important to come up with a good name in order to be able to identify with the place that you are going to put your heart and soul into.
Ideas for Restaurant Names
Name of the Owner's Cafe
Name of the Owner's Kitchen
Name of the Owner's Place
Absolutely Delicious
Blarney Stone Cafe
Cafe Cuisine
Cafe Taste Buds
Catch of the Day
Cheesy Bites
Comfort Foods
Dine Divine
Dinner Plate
Emerald Cafe
La Dolce Vita
Leprechaun's Table
Limerick Buffet
Little Italy
Luck of the Irish Cafe
Lunch House
Mapping the Kitchen
Shamrock Inn
Spice House
Spice Mystery
That Place in Name of the Town
The Dinner Table
The World of Yore
Tummy Yummy
Two Asian Kitchens
Up and Above
Vintage Kitchen

While it may not seem so, but one of the best marketing tips for restaurants is to have a name that is intriguing and enticing to customers. While bouncing around different ideas for restaurant names, remember to keep this tip in mind. A good name generally translates to good business.