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Sales Letter Format

So you need to draft a sales letter but are unsure of the proper format? In this article, we tell you how to draft a sales letter and what are the important things to keep in mind while writing such a letter.
Tulika Nair
What is the importance of a sales letter? Well, for most business companies, sales letters are a way of improving their customer base. Look up any book on business writing and you will definitely find a section on how important sales letters can be for improving the business of a company. For most people, writing a sales letter seems difficult because of the need to expound on the goodness of a product without exaggerating its qualities. As with most types of letter writing, there is a specific format for sales letters as well. As long as you follow the proper format, writing a sales letter will be an extremely easy task. Here is how to go about the process of writing a sales letter, and what the proper format is.

Writing a Sales Letter

To write sales letters that sell, you need to ensure that a reader is attentive to what you are saying. Your letter needs to be precise, concise, and to-the-point. You need to not only describe the product, but also give an insight into the many benefits that the potential customer will gain from the product.

Refer to any sales letter, and you will notice that the first line of the letter is what draws in your potential client. Talk about the many benefits of the product you are selling. It is always drafted in such a manner that it highlights the USP of the product. It is important that while you do so, you ensure that your language is simple and easy to understand. Keep the language of the letter simple. It is important that a prospective client does not believe you to be a braggart or a show-off. Many of these letters are accompanied by testimonials by users of the product. This helps create a great impression on a prospective client. It also enables to build a certain amount of trust.

The importance of following a format is based on the fact that it is important that you package the letter properly. A poorly drafted letter leaves a bad impression. Other than the proper format, it is also important that the envelopes you send out the letters in are personalized. Most sales letters tend to find their way into the dustbin. If you want to avoid such an end for your letter, then it is important that you use colors and formatting to attract the attention of the prospective client. As a salesperson, it is extremely important that you follow-up with the persons you have send out the letters to.


Most sales letters that work do so because they are drafted well and are written correctly. Depending on the product or service you have on offer, the content of the letter may change, but the basics are the same.

Your Name
Name of Your Organization


Name of Client
Client's Address

Dear Ms./Mr. (addressee), or To whom it may concern

The first paragraph of the letter is the hook of the entire letter. This first line decides whether or not a prospective client will read further. It is important that in this paragraph you thank the reader for their interest in the product/service you are offering. It may also be a great idea to give a brief glimpse into the many benefits that client will be eligible for.

In the second paragraph of the letter add a testimonial if you are handing out samples with the sales letter. Giving out samples can be a great idea for a new product as this allows a prospective client to see for himself the benefits of the product at hand. Also mention the different promotional offers that you have at hand.

The third or final paragraph is where you will include your contact details so that your addressee can contact you if needed. Include details like your phone number, address, timings of the office, account manager, and any other information that you consider helpful.

Yours sincerely,
(Your name)

This will help you draft your own sales letter now. Remember to modify the content as per your needs.