Sales Report Template

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Sales Report Template

A sales report is one of the many documents that a salesperson has to submit to his superior. The article below provides you with a sales report template.

There are many different statements and documents, with financial figures, that have to be submitted by a salesperson to his superior. Among them, is a sales report that enlists the total sale of products or a summary of the total sale. The sales documentation is basically a very important report that helps the management of the company and the salesperson himself to determine facts related to sales, such as total discount given, total goods sold, monetary worth of goods sold, etc. In the paragraphs below, a sales report has been provided for your convenience.

Sales Report and Its Constituents

A sales report is basically a summary of the total amount of sales of a particular accounting period, such as a day, week, year, or a quarter. A simple template has been included in the following paragraph, however, it is first necessary to understand the concepts and contents that are included in this report. If you take any sales report example, you will notice the following common features that are present in the report.

  • Date or Time Period: One of the most important factor is the time duration within which the sales have taken place. This time period is a really important aspect of the report, as it depicts time-bound productivity of the salesperson and also the time-bound profit behind every sale.
  • Monetary Worth Sales: The monetary worth of sales is another important aspect as the total amount of sales is always taken into consideration by the management. Total value added taxes and sales taxes as well as profits are calculated on the basis of this figure.
  • Discount: Discount and reduction of per unit profit determine the loss in profit. Hence, in order to keep a tab on the discounts given, the total discount given for every sale is recorded in the report.
  • Taxes: In some regions and states, it is a statutory compliance to record the taxes that have been involved in a particular transactions, to be recorded in the report. These recorded taxes are also instrumental in providing the accounts departments with exact tax totals.

Sales Report Template

The following is a simple template that can be used easily…

Sales Report

Date of Sales:______________
Total Amount: USD____________
Total Discount:_____________
Total Taxes:________________

Name of Salesperson:__________________________________________
Employee Code:_________________

Sr No Particulars Units Sold Per Unit Cost Tax Discount Total

Signature of Salesperson

Signature of Superior

You may use this format for any time period of sales, such as a sales in a day, or a week. You may also modify this very template according to your requirements and specifications.

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