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Search Engine Optimization and Your Business

Eric Leader Dec 25, 2019
Many have the dream of one day starting their own business and becoming their own boss. Making your living doing something you love while helping others is a dream for most people. However, the daunting task of having enough capital to market one's business tends to hinder the ability to become successful. So how can you get a business off the ground?


SEO, or search engine optimization as it is called, is a great way of marketing one's business by simply optimizing the business website for the search engine such as Google or Yahoo.

In years past customers would pull out the Yellow Pages and look for somebody to fill their needs. However, now people will look for a service through the search engines.

SEO is Low Cost

One of the greatest and most cost-effective ways to market a business especially in the early stages of the business is search engine optimization.  Nearly cost-free seo can be very effective.

Building content on one's website that is specific to the query a searcher is looking for can help a business owner land potential leads for their business.

My Experience With SEO

In the year 2007, I had an idea to revolutionize the personal training industry. I decided to begin an in-home personal training company which I was to call Every Body's Personal Trainer.

However, as mentioned, start-up capital for a business is always very tough initially. As a result, I decided to look into search engine optimization.

Build the Content

I went to the library and researched everything I could find on seo and began putting the principles into practice. Each night I would build content on my website in the hopes that one day my website would appear on page 1 of Google.

To rank on Google, your content needs to be useful to the user and very thorough.  Make sure your content is comprehensive.

SEO Takes Time

Now search engine optimization is not a marketing investment of time that will pay off immediately. SEO does take time to take effect, however, when it does can bring a tremendous deal a business.

All of my hard work paid off and I began appearing for searches on Google for personal trainer and locations that I market. I began receiving more leads.

Take Advantage of SEO

Every business should be taking advantage of search engine optimization. There are many ways to market a business however a good fundamental practice should be by optimizing one's website.

If SEO seems too daunting there are companies that specialize in SEO and can help you rank your business website.