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SEO Risks: Worth Taking and Better Avoiding

SEO is a very strong word. The word defines a lot of aspects and also needs very careful dealing.
stacy johnna Oct 22, 2019
There are some risks that are worth trying and some are a total no, this has being said by many firms like those SEO firms in Dallas, Houston, Austin, etc., which are individually correct.

Firstly, one of the main risks that should be taken is getting provided with quality backlinks.

Quality Backlinks

Since backlinks are the backbone of driving traffic to one’s site, many may think about the benefits of featuring their brand link on another brand. Though there will definitely be a slight decline in the traffic created, it will help in the long run.

Neutral Links

Google will notice the fact that you are associating with strong backups in the content of your website, and this may work to give you a higher position.

But acquiring quality links in no way means disallowing neutral links. They are called neutral links since they neither harm nor benefit your sight, at least from a primary glance.
Unless and until a link has been labelled malicious by Google, you are not needed to avoid it. There are many who think these links to be useless and disallow them. But it is advisable not to do so for you don’t know how your website is enjoying considerable traffic.

Website Design

Google is extremely fond of updated and newly designed websites. So if you have a sluggish website, you may want to re-design the page. But sometimes a wrong edit may create a dip in your traffic. But the risk is worth taking for after making it a dynamic website there are many chances that your site might receive much more traffic than before.

Overdoing is Harmful

People might be confused about your website page and may not visit so but then there Google which can be of much help, making this saddening results temporary.

Overdoing anything is not advisable. A periodical change in the website is always welcomed but redoing your website contents too often is not in any way advisable.
For if you make frequent changes in your website Google will consider your link to be suspicious, and you may have to face penalties. Edit your content only when you have gathered much quality content and invest quite a time for it.

Also, editing of page or URL does not mean you delete an entire page of the website. This is a risk you shouldn’t take at all.

Be Careful while Deleting Pages

When you are deleting a page you are doing away with the related keywords too, those which help you rank in the Google list. Deleting pages also affects the effect of the URL. Rather than doing that, you can add a bit of note which will redirect your customers to the more updated page.

Using the A/B testing method might be a risk you’ll want to take.


This method is done to know where your site might be lacking in driving enough traffic. Here you have to take up one item and set in contrast against the other to understand which is better. Since this is a trial and error method, there are quite good chances that you lose customers during your test because of bad results.
But this risk is worth it because you get that perfect answer and bounce back with much more traffic.

Among the other risks worth taking, we have buying expired or left-back domains and among those not worth there are avoiding doorway pages. These are just some tips one might follow while dealing with their website.