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Small Businesses Need SEO: A Beginner's Guide

Chander Kalra Sep 27, 2019
Are you planning to start a business? Cool!! You must be done with developing your product strategy, company’s name, capital and a business website. Oops!! You have missed upon the most important aspect of the business. Yeah!! Your customers! Customers are the part and parcel of any online business as of course zombies don’t shop.
Step 1:

Building a website is initial stage of any business to step in online marketing. But the website should mark its existence for one purpose that’s your customers. Customer reviews, advertisements, out of the box products influence your targeted customers.
Step 2:

Casual approach towards designing your website can cost you high. Your website reveals who you are. Marring it with an artificial touch can affect your marketing. It is more than just a website it is your wheel to drive max customers, traffic leading to revenue generation. Design your website investing time, money, to actualize your aims, objectives.
Step 3:

Optimization of the website is a deal to shorten the distance between you and your goals. You can solicit the services from a reputed and experienced SEO Services in India which falls within your budget. Remember SEO is an investment not a liability.
Step 4:

A website ranking on the first page of Google will flood sales and leads. The key lies in Optimization. Here is how to begin with SEO:

Keyword Research

Walking into the customers shoe and analyzing their purchasing habits online is important for reaching your customers. What your potential customers’ type to search a product? What is the rate of competition over that keyword? This will help you develop a strategy to attract traffic on your website.

Deploy Keywords in Content and Metadata

After the rigorous keyword research, it is time to deploy the keywords in the Meta data, content, title tag, description tag, and website title.


Add your business in business directories and Google My Business with backlinks to your website. This will improve the results for the local search and your customers will find you through the navigation to reach your store.

Backlink Creation

Backlinks accounts as an important aspect in brand recognition and increasing traffic of a website. Through guest blogging, directory listings, forum contributions the backlinks can be created for the website.

Social Media

Social Media helps in creating strong backlinks to your site. It is a measure of direct customer interaction and is effective as word of mouth marketing. Joining social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram help your business in creating engagement and double up sales.


Going Self-congratulatory in online business is something you would like to avoid for the better. Content is the king. Valuable and customer-centric content not only appeals your prospective customers but triggers the Chords of Google too. Authenticate and well optimized user oriented content makes it flash over in top results on the search engines.