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Standard Poster Size

This is the Standard Poster Size You Would Want for Your Product

Are you wondering about the standard poster size for printing your favorite movie poster or do you need it for marketing purposes? The following article will serve as a guide for those wanting to print the perfect poster.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: Apr 3, 2018
You must have seen many movie posters pasted around the town, from billboard sizes to postcard sizes. They can be printed for a variety of reasons that include pictures of your favorite actor or cartoon character, for marketing a product or company, or may also include some motivational or educational messages for the masses. If you too need to print a poster for any of the above mentioned reasons or maybe something different, then you need to understand the standard sizes.

You may have gathered all the required material for printing and might even have the soft copy of the design ready. However, before you set out covering the town, you might want to consider the standard dimensions. There are certain sizes that are commonly used for marketing, and movie posters. In this article, we shall see the standard poster measurements in North America.

Size of a Standard Poster
There are certain standard sizes that have specific purposes and targets. You can use these measurements according to your needs. Here's a look at some of the most commonly used sizes, and their uses.

Standard Poster Measurement

This dimension is the smallest among all sizes. It is slightly bigger than the legal paper size (8.5" x 14"). The standard dimension is about 11" x 17" and cannot be printed on ordinary desktop printers. It is useful for pasting in phone booths, community boards or any place where space is restricted. This is also preferred for advertising announcements.

Medium-sized ones are widely used for printing posters of celebrities, informative posters are used in clinics, even shops providing after service, etc. This size is most suited to display large graphics, a headline, along with a short text. The dimension is 18" x 24".

This is the best size for outdoor marketing. These are eye-catching, and contain large texts, and attractive graphics. These usually carry messages that are concise, and are mostly placed in areas of high traffic, like cafeterias, theaters, trade exhibitions, etc. The dimensions are either 24" x 36" or 27" x 39".

Movie Posters
The most preferred size in US, is the one sheet. Originally, they were 24" x 41", but after the 1980s, the standard dimensions saw a change, and today the 27" x 39" or 27" x 40" are more common. ½ sheet is also pretty popular in US. These measure 22" x 28", and are set on card stock. Other sizes include:

Mini window
(11" x 14")

(14" x 36")

Half sheet
(22" x 28")

(27" x 41")

30 x 40
(30" x 40")

40 x 60
(40" x 60")

Half subway
(30" x 45")

2 sheet/Subway
(41" x 54"/45" x 60")

3 sheet
(41" x 81")

6 sheet
(81" x 81")

24 sheet
(9' x 20')

Bus stop/Shelter
(45" x 70")

(24" x 82"/24" x 60")

Window card
(14" x 22")

Mini window card
(8" x 14")

Lobby card
(11" x 14")

(8" x 10")

Door panel
(20"x 60")

Posters are one of the most effective marketing tools and advertising techniques. If you want to highlight your product, or message even more opt for billboard advertising. The billboards that are placed across the roadside are of the size 106"x 234". Of course, it goes unsaid that the cost of these advertising hoardings would be directly proportional to their size.