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Tips for Successful Telemarketing

Chandramita Bora Nov 3, 2018
Telemarketing is the process of using a telecommunication device (telephone) to reach out to potential customers for promoting sales. To use it effectively, one needs to have certain skills. Find out some simple tips and tricks to sharpen your skills in telemarketing.
Telemarketing refers to the process of using the telephone as an interactive medium for sales promotion.
Telemarketing holds a lot of potential for reaching out to a large number of possible customers. If used effectively, it can be a potent tool for business expansion. However, it can become quite unpopular and even detrimental for a business, if misused.

Effective Telemarketing Techniques

Successful telemarketing calls for some special skills, preparations, and effective communication. So, consider the following tips, which can help you use it as a powerful tool to secure a booming business.

Pre-call Planning and Preparations

The key to success in telemarketing is planning and preparation. A telemarketer has to be very clear about his or her objective, and how to achieve it. Here, the first impression is of vital importance, and a telemarketer usually gets only a few seconds to create it.
So, it is of utmost importance to make a draft or a script of the conversation that one is going to have with the client or the prospective customer. However, this doesn't mean that one cannot deviate from the script. But preparing a script can help keep in mind the important aspects of the product or the service, that should be included in the conversation.

Effective Communication

Next to preparation comes the actual conversation, for which one should know the basics of effective communication. For communication to be effective, it has to be able to grab the attention of the listener, and create queries in his or her mind regarding the product or the service. For this, the language used should be polite and professional.
Questioning can be an important part of effective communication. One can prepare a detailed list of the questions that might be asked by the client about the product, as well as the questions the telemarketer is going to ask the client. Therefore, a telemarketer should collect as much information as possible about the product to be sold.

Questioning the Customer

Question your client whether he or she has used any related product in the past, and faced any problem. Then explain the special and attractive features of your product, and how you can offer a better deal. However, be sincere while explaining your product, and refrain from misleading the customer by cooking up false stories.

Explain the Product Quality

While explaining your product, use simple language and avoid technical jargons, especially if the customer does not have technical knowledge about such products. In other words, a product needs to be explained from the customer's point of view.
Believe in the qualities of your product. Until and unless a telemarketer is confident about the product he or she intends to sell, it is not possible to generate interest in the mind of the prospective customer.

Avoid Unnecessary Conversation

Avoid unnecessary conservation with your client. Rather, focus on the product or the service you are going to sell. Establishing a good rapport with the client is no doubt very important for the success in telemarketing, but that does not mean that one has to indulge in unnecessary conversation.

Avoid Harassing the Customer

Avoid being pushy, if your clients openly disclose that they are not interested in your product. In such a situation, gently apologize and then thank them for listening to you so patiently. But if a client seems to be interested in your product, then schedule follow-up calls.
If the client is engaged in some other important matters, then ask if you can call him or her at a particular future date and time.

Dealing With Indecision

If the clients seem indecisive, then give them an idea of what can happen, if they do nothing about the particular situation. In other words, tell your clients the consequence of failing to take a concrete decision.
You can sharpen your telemarketing skills with time, as you converse with more and more clients. When telemarketing is misused, it can simply ruin the reputation of your business. Therefore, it is very important to avoid harassing the clients while trying to sell your goods and services.
Lastly, the delivery of quality products, and post-sale customer care service are equally important for establishing a good reputation in the market. Without these, your clients would not show any interest in carrying out business transactions in the future.