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Trade Show Booth Ideas

Aastha Dogra Nov 4, 2018
Here are some useful ideas with regards to the layout, as well as some creative strategies to attract visitors to your booth. Have a look.
Trade shows offer a unique opportunity to various organizations to display their products and services to prospective clients. Trade show promotions are also an opportunity for businesses to make sales and strike profitable deals. But all this is possible only if the visitors to the exhibition are attracted to a company's booth.
For ensuring maximum visits, businesses have to focus on two things―the booth should look professional, and at the same time should promise fun.

Setting Up a Booth

The booth set-up should be such that it displays the professionalism of your company. It should be well-organized and well run at all times. After all, the visitors at the exhibition are your prospective clients, so they should form a good opinion of your company.
  • The table should always be covered with a good quality tablecloth, as it gives out an upmarket, more official appearance.
  • Add your company's logo and name at various places in the booth, such as the center wall, presentation board (if you have one), and even on the tablecloth.
  • If there are some products to be kept on the display table, make sure that the larger ones are kept at the back and the smaller ones in the front, so that all items are visible.
  • Include visual presentations to demonstrate your company's products to your customers. Visual displays always appeal to visitors more.
  • Have the booth properly manned by personnel, and make sure that they keep their conversations with the visitors as interactive as possible. The more the personnel are able to get the visitors involved, the more likely it is that they will go in for your company's products.
  • If your booth is big in size, keep a separate conference area where prospective customers can actually sit and talk with the personnel.
  • Arrange for necessary things such as pens, notepads, paper tissues, water cooler, and dustbins.
  • Have enough stock of your company's pamphlets, brochures or booklets which can be handed over to all the visitors who want information on your company and products. To keep this paper stuff organized and more visible, a good idea would be to keep it on a display rack.
  • The lighting should be appropriate. So, invest in your own lighting, especially around the displays, even if the hall is well-lit.
  • Arrange for enough personnel so that your booth is never left unmanned. Make sure that the staff is trained in dealing with people, friendly, and cooperative.

Games and Prizes

One of the best ideas that attract visitors is to give away prizes. If you incorporate some fun games and guarantee prizes to all participants, there is no way that visitors would let pass such an opportunity.
An interesting game that will both help in promoting your company's products as well as in getting visitors to your booth is to plan an easy quiz of your company's products and services. Have the information about your company's products put up on a banner. Do not clutter the banner, just include five to six main points.
Have a game show kiosk placed in your booth, wherein, visitors who have read the information can proceed to take the quiz. In the end, keep interesting prizes for those who answer all the questions correctly. There are many benefits of keeping such game show kiosks.
These can be seen from a distance too, and so people who have no plans of coming to your booth or knowing about your products get lured by the fun and the prizes it promises, plus you get to market your company's products to prospective clients.

Free Gifts

People who attend trade shows always expect to get some free gifts. This makes trade show giveaways a must. Food gifts such as candies and cookies wrapped in boxes on which the company's logo and contact information is mentioned is a good option as a free gift.
Stationery items such as notepads, pens, and gift certificates which can be exchanged in lieu of your company's products and services are some other options for promotional gifts that you can consider.
One of the most popular ideas that is fast catching up is to invite a local celebrity to your booth to pull in the crowds. If you have a budget for this, you can use this strategy as well.
Trade shows are a chance for an organization to come face to face, interact, and connect with one's future customers. So, do not let go of this opportunity, and do whatever it takes (even if it means shelling a few extra bucks) to make the event a success.