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Types of Advertising Jobs

Choose Your Favorite Among the Varied Types of Advertising Jobs

Advertising is full of career opportunities for both freshers and those with experience. Here are the different types of jobs in advertising mentioned for your information, take a look.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Feb 7, 2019
Advertising concept
Advertising is defined as a form of communication used by sellers, manufacturers, companies, brands, etc., to persuade people in order to use their products or services. There are different types of advertising techniques that are used in convincing the consumers to purchase their product.
Television Control Room
Along with the various techniques, there are also different modes of advertising with respect to media. These are, television, radio, newspapers, magazines, the internet, or mail.
Thus, if you are interested in working for an advertising company or in the advertising departments of certain companies, you need to know what designation you would like.
Different Advertising Jobs
If you have a degree in advertising or relevant work experience, you can surely think about growth in this field. Advertising has a number of growth opportunities because of the versatility found here. There are marketing and PR jobs which are related to advertising, which could also be on your list for types of advertising jobs.
Advertising is required by both commercial and non commercial groups such as private and public companies, government agencies, educational institutes, NGOs, political parties, etc. And all these groups are ready to spend any amount of money to promote and advertise their items. Therefore, if you are looking for job in advertising, you won't be disappointed.
Creative Jobs
Female working with laptop
If you are someone who is interested in the making of advertisements and generating the content for a specific client, creative jobs can be the best option for you. There are various jobs in the creative department for advertising.
This department is responsible for the creation and execution of the artwork, coordinating an art team, coming up with new promotional ideas for the ads, copywriting, graphic designing and PR.
Art Director
The advertising jobs for the creative department are as follows:
  • Art Directors (assistant, junior, and senior)
Graphic designer at work
  • Copywriting (junior, copywriter, senior and chief)
  • Production (layout worker, graphic artist and production manager)
Media Jobs
Another department in advertising is the media planning, where you are required to research on the market and find buyers for your ads.
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These jobs focus on making an advertising plan after you have done your research on the market. Here, you have to purchase specific media such as newspapers, television, radio, etc., to promote your advertisements.
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Thus, it involves interaction between the advertising agencies and media companies, bargaining with them and hiring them for your ad campaigns, so that your client's product reaches the consumers.
The jobs in this department are mentioned in the acceding manner:
  • Assistant media planner
  • Media planner
  • Media director
  • Media manager
Research Jobs
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The research department jobs focus on analyzing the sales of the advertised data. They usually study the market demographics, advertising statistics and come up with various effective campaigning techniques.
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After the campaigns are over, this department gathers data by conducting surveys and finds the rate of success of the campaigns. Depending on this success rate, the position of the advertising company in the market is decided.
The jobs that you will find in this department are:
  • Research project director
  • Research account executive
  • Associate research director
  • Advertising research director
  • Research department manager
Sales Jobs
Group of business people
The sales job in advertising deal with selling the advertisements to the various media discussed earlier.
Board Room
It is a more field related department, where you have to make presentations, come up with campaigning plans and execute them before the media companies, convincing them to buy the ads you want to sell them.
woman at meeting
This is quite similar to media planning but the department works individually. There are various marketing strategies which are used here, and you must have excellent communication skills, as well as know how to interact with people of all kinds.
Jobs in sales are mentioned as follows:
  • Assistant account executive
  • Account executive
  • Senior account executive
  • Accounts supervisor/accounts manager
  • Account coordinator/traffic manager
With these advertising jobs, hope you have found your profile of interest. So, pick the types which you think are the most suitable for your expectations and start applying!