Types of Advertising Techniques

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Types of Advertising Techniques

Advertising aims at promoting a product or service by attracting audiences towards it. Advertising techniques are used to bring out the unique features of the product or service in order to make it look more appealing to the audience. To know more about various advertising techniques, read on.

Advertising aims at promoting the products and services of a company. It helps in the creation of a brand identity and serves as an effective means to communicate to the world the value of the product or service. Through different advertising techniques, companies achieve growth in sales by attracting masses towards them. Different types of advertising techniques aim at highlighting the product features to bring out its uniqueness in relation to its competitors. They intend to make a product stand out by throwing light on its features that make it look different from the rest. Advertising is carried out through different media so that the advertisements gain a mass appeal. It is brought before the public through various channels to ensure that the product or the service is noticed by the general public.

Print advertising makes use of the print media such as magazines and newspapers. The print media also offers options like advertising through brochures or pamphlets. The effectiveness of the advertisement made through print media depends on the popularity of the media used. The advertisements which appear in prominent newspapers, have a greater chance of being noticed. Fliers and brochures are commonly distributed with newspapers and supplements are attached to newspapers. In such cases, the popularity of the newspaper and the location of the advertisement in it, matter the most.

The use of audio-visual media is another popular advertising technique. Television and radio have been used in advertising since long. Internet advertising that has emerged in the relatively recent times has earned a huge recognition. In case of radio and television, the broadcasting time decides the cost of the advertisement while the livelier Internet hosts websites with advertisements. Advertisements relate to the subject discussed by the website and the popularity of that website and the position of the advertisement on the web page are determinants of its noticeability.

Advertisers use not only the print and the TV and radio channels but also movies to feature their advertisements. Covert advertising is the practice of indirectly publicizing a product through movies and TV shows. For example, the actress in the film or the TV show may be shown to be using a particular brand of clothes or cosmetics; a particular restaurant or company may be shot so that the company name appears in the scene. The audiences watching the show or the movie are sure to notice the name advertised, thus contributing to the promotion of the product showcased.

The use of eminent people for the promotion of a brand is one advertising technique while making use of common people is another. The purpose behind the use of celebrities is that many identify with them and it is a general psychology to emulate the person one identifies with. Celebrities are widely admired and hence prove effective in advertising. The use of plain folks strategy in advertising is based on the idea that common people can easily reach out to the masses.

Some advertising techniques use promotional techniques that demonize the enemy. A point of view is stressed upon the masses and the ones with an opposite standpoint are made to feel inferior. Some advertisers present before the public a comparative study between two brands and bring out the superiority of their product in comparison to the competitors.

Some advertising techniques use sarcasm to promote a product while demoting the competitors’ products. Many are based on repetition in which the product or service name is emphasized and bombarded on the public. Some techniques make use of human psychology to follow something because the others are following it. People in large numbers are shown to be using the product thus in a subtle way compelling the audiences to start using it. Advertising makes use of emotional and touching words or actions to attract the masses.

Advertising techniques are and should be efficiently used for social causes. Awareness about certain important subjects, social issues, and environmental problems can be effectively communicated to the public by means of advertisements. The government and other social organizations are seen implementing public service advertising. But commercial product and service companies should take the eyes off moneymaking for a little while and come forward to advertise for a social cause.

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