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5 Types of Mobile Marketing That are Ideal for Today's Generation

Rahul Pandita May 10, 2019
Mobile marketing has emerged as one of the most effective tools for marketers to promote their products and services. Here, we will take a look at the types of mobile marketing.
Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our lives. We all depend on mobile phones to such an extent that it forms the crux around which a lot of our daily activities revolve. The penetration of mobile phones in both developed and developing countries has led to the emergence of a new form of marketing, commonly known as the mobile marketing.
Mobile phones have been used to market products since 1990s, when corporations used to get telephone numbers in bulk, and then a short message was sent to promote a product or a service. But those days, most mobile phones were basic models, which received only text messages, often failing to communicate the highlight of a particular product.
However, today most of the phones are capable of receiving high quality multimedia messages (MMS), and more and more people are using Internet on their mobiles, leading to a surge in mobile marketing. There are a host of advantages of mobile marketing, and a company which is good with its mobile marketing can help itself to gain new customers.

Mobile Marketing Types

Mobile marketing has proven to be effective as now, the consumer has an increased control over the kind of advertisements that are sent to him. There was a time when most messages sent to consumers were not very useful, posing a serious threat to mobile marketing.
Corrective actions, both by corporations and network providers have helped to weed out unscrupulous elements, making mobile marketing an ethical way of promotion and publicity. Some types of mobile marketing are as follows.

Short Message Service (SMS)

Short message service initiated the concept of mobile marketing and still is used to promote a variety of products and services. Although, it has been put to a lot of abuse, regulations in the past few years have meant a revival of this form of mobile marketing.
The biggest advantage of SMS marketing is its reach and the low cost of marketing. Every cell phone has an ability to receive an SMS, which essentially means a larger target audience for corporations.

Multimedia Message Service (MMS)

Multimedia messages score over SMS as being a more effective form of marketing as it provides the user with images, audio and video. MMS can also be used to run advertisements as one gets to see on a TV, and offers a more efficient way of marketing a product, however, the cost of sending an MMS is more than that of an SMS.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications have proved to be a great tool for mobile marketers, as these are innovative and offer the user a host of features. There are certain widgets that are displayed on the home screen of mobile phones, allowing the user to directly log into them, and advertisements can be placed on these applications to promote a product.

Bluetooth Mobile Marketing

This type of marketing helps in customizing the type of advertisements a user will receive, and most of it is based upon the geographical location of the user. This is an effective form of marketing as it helps in delivering relevant information to the user, and helps in filtering the advertisements which may not be useful for the user.
For example, the probability of a person enrolling for a dancing or a yoga course is more if the venue is closer to where he stays. This is the prime reason why Bluetooth mobile marketing is an effective tool for serving custom ads to the user.

Mobile Internet Advertisements

When you are online, you might have seen several advertisements popping up on your computer screen. Mobile Internet advertisements work in the same way, and deliver high-quality content to users. These are mostly built for smartphone users who have a reliable Internet connection.
Apart from the general consumer advertisements, mobile marketing has also helped entrepreneurs to expand their business and network with people. The QR (quick-response barcodes) allow interested parties to know more about a business project.
Today, iPhone is equipped with Near Field Communication, which allows users to buy stuff online, as one does from a computer. Truly, there are more exciting times ahead, and innovations in technology can provide some magnificent options to corporations as well as consumers.