Importance of Unique Business Cards

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Importance of Unique Business Cards

Plastic, paper, or metal business cards can be an effective marketing tool for a business or a professional seeking to advertise the products manufactured or the services rendered.

Business cards are engraved or printed with a persons name, telephone number, address, and business affiliation. They help market a business or the services provided by a professional.

Two sided business cards template

Well-designed business cards are helpful in making a strong impression on people.

A businessman should spend the necessary time to figure out the best business card that would help him communicate effectively with potential clients. They are, after all, a personal statement made by an entrepreneur.

Nowadays, custom-made cards do not cost a great deal of money. In fact, a number of manufacturers encourage people to design their own cards, with ready-made templates. Even if the recipient of the card is not interested in the products or services provided by the business, a unique card has a greater chance of being retained rather than being thrown out.

Business Cards with a Crisp Layout

Metal Business Cards

Business card template. Abstract background

They are popular because they are durable, fade resistant, and scratch proof. These cards are generally made of .010″ thick stainless steel and have a gold, silver, aluminum, or brass finish.

The necessary information is etched on the card using a process known as photochemical etching. The cost of the card depends on the metal used and the desired thickness of the card. The card can be designed by the person ordering the card, or by a graphic artist employed by the card manufacturer.

A layout film that has the necessary details, is created and superimposed on the metal. The process of photochemical etching transfers the information from the layout film to the metallic card. This layout film has been designed for repeated use and is expensive.

Discounts can be availed on bulk purchase. A metal business card definitely gets noticed and renders a classy image to the person disbursing the card. It also exudes confidence since it conveys the expectation that the card would be retained.

Folded Business Cards

Mini brochures intended to convey maximum information, these cards can be used to convey and record a plethora of information including product description and pictures.

Black business card with red inside

A folded business card can also contain coupons, punch cards for frequent buyers, and a map showing the location of the business. It can also be used to advertise sales.

For example, a restaurant owner can include recipes, as a gesture of goodwill. A good recipe will not be tossed out and would compel the recipient to retain the card. He may also be tempted to eat at the restaurant offering such culinary delights.

Folded business cards may, however, include too many details and clutter the card with unnecessary information. While opting for a folded business card, one should ensure that the task of marketing the business is accomplished.

Designing a Unique Business Card

For people who are not interested in using a metal business card, effective and unique paper or a polycarbonate business card, can be designed in order to make a lasting impression and highlight the services provided.

For instance, a person who owns a shop that sells swimsuits, can have a business card that shows the beach and youngsters frolicking in the sun. This would automatically help people connect having fun at the beach with shopping at a particular store.

An orthodontist can have a picture of a tooth embossed on his card while a beautician can have a mirror or a pretty woman on hers. A cake shop owner should definitely have the picture of a luscious cake on his business card!

Metal, plastic, or paper cards can be an effective marketing and advertising tool for a businessman or a professional, provided a bit of creativity and imagination is used while designing the card.

A unique well designed business card will convey much more than what is actually embossed on it. It indicates the willingness of the businessman to go a step further in order to woo his customers.

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