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80 Incredibly Unique and Catchy Names to Choose From for Your Spa

80 Unique and Catchy Names for Your Spa
Spas, day spas, and destination spas have become the new Mecca of relaxation. However, owning or starting one begins by christening it with a befitting name.
Shruti Bhat
Last Updated: Mar 13, 2018
Did You Know?
The word 'spa' originates from a town called Spa in Belgium. This town was famous for its healing spring water in the 16th century.

A name says it all. Gone are those days when any kind of name would do for an organization. New-age lifestyle calls for new-age names. They need to be unique, creative, eye-catchy, and easy to remember.
For coming up with a never-heard-before name, the human tendency is to rack our brains endlessly just so that the chosen name stands out, seemingly wasting more-than-necessary time.
Creative Spa Names
Rose Spa Collage
Angel's Touch Spa
Aphrodite Spa
Avalon Salon & Spa
Beauty Spot
Bliss Spa
Blue Harbor
Cloud 9 Spa Salon
Crystal Mountain Spa
Drift Away Spa
Elite Spa
Exhale... Spa
Fountain of Youth
Getaway to Heaven Spa
Golden Oaks Spa
Graceful Touch Spa
Head 2 Toe Spa
Heavenly Spa Services
Lavender Spa collage
Life-stream Wellness Spa
Lotus Center
Mind and Body Spa
Pamper Me Spa
Paradise Point Resort
Perfecta Salon
Phoenix Care Spa
Precious Care Spa
Pure Bliss Spa
Aromatherapy Collage
Relaxation on My Mind Spa
Retreat Spa
Rose Room Spa
Sea Salt Spa
Skinsational Spa
Spa Castle
Spa Space
Spacation Spa
Touch and Glow Spa
Touched by an Angel Spa
Tranquility Wellness Spa
Trust Spa
Vitality Spa
Wellness Spa
Wellness and Rejuvenation Spa
White Orchid Spa
Destination Spa Names
Aquamarine Blue Spa Collage
Destination Relaxation Spa
Nature's Tub
Oceanic Palace Resort & Spa
Relax Destination Spa
Dreamer's Destination Spa
Day Spa Names
Spa Collage
Amenity Day Spa
Contour Day Spa
Day Dreamers Spa
Light as a Feather
Osmosis Day Spa
Reflection Massage Day Spa
Spa Day
Sunrise-Sunset Spa
Dash Salon & Day Spa
Water Lily Day Spa
White Waters Day Spa
How to Come Up With a Name for Your Spa Shop
You can always name one after yourself or a beloved relative; that is, if you are the owner of the spa.

You could name it after the specialty of your massages, pedicures, etc.

Rhyming always works, but remember that words contain a lot of weightage, so don't use them carelessly, or for the heck of rhyming. They should be catchy and easy; refrain from using tongue twisters.

Simplicity is the key. It makes it easy for the customer to remember and refer to.

The more unique, the better it is. Your customers and competitors alike should be able to remember the name.

If these English names haven't inspired you enough, you can also use names, words, or phrases from other languages, viz., Spanish, Italian, and/or French.