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Ways to Advertise

10 Great Ways to Advertise That'll Definitely Fetch You Customers

There many different mediums and ways to advertise in today's world. The following article provides you with 10 different modes to advertise.
MarketingWit Staff
Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017
Today, the field of advertising has undergone a sea of change in comparison to the early years of industrial revolution. Nowadays, advertising is carried out through various media like the TV, Internet, radio, newspapers, etc. With rise in the number of media, the advertising techniques and methods have also changed a lot.

What is Advertising?

Advertising is one of the different forms of communication which helps in selling products or services of a particular brand or a company. According to famous ad man Mr. Morris Hite, the best way to advertise is not the one that reaches out to masses, but that which takes into account the needs of local buyers.

Ways to Advertise

Advertising activity is carried out both online and offline. With the advent of Internet shopping, many firms have started targeting their potential customers online. Now let us understand the different methods of advertising used in today's world.

The following paragraphs provide information regarding 10 different ways and methods to advertise. Here is a list of the different techniques used in advertising. The list contains methods that are used in both online and offline advertising. Some of the advertising techniques mentioned in this list are simple, yet highly effective in reaching out to buyers.

Personal Profiles on the Internet
Creating personal profiles on social networking sites like Linkedln, Friends Reunited, Facebook, Ecademy, etc., would help advertise the services or products efficiently. One should advertise by adding links pointing to their company or business websites. Instead of just resorting to hard selling, people can think of marketing in a subtle manner to promote their services.

Press Release
Newspapers are still considered an effective medium to communicate to potential customers. Writing a press release should help in gaining free publicity. Newsletters circulated through newspapers are effectively medium even in today's world, oriented towards digital media.

Comments in Web Postings
The comments section at the bottom of a web posting can be used effectively for advertising. If your comment gives some relevant information or data regarding the topic being discussed, readers would be interested in the expertise/advice that you provide. Links are generally inserted in such spaces to guide the reader (or the potential customer).

One can also use a 'Craigslist' for the purpose of advertising. Craigslist is a network of communities present on the Internet. This centralized network features classified advertisements for free.

Using the Car Window
Placing a poster on a car window is a simple, yet effective method of advertising a product or service. One can just paste the web address of his company website on the car window to reach out to people.

Free Directory Websites
Using free directory websites too helps in marketing products and services. There are many websites that people can make use of in marketing their services, thus reaching out to many people from all over the world.

Shop Windows
The concept of shop windows could be implemented both online and in retail stores. A poster that advertises features of a service or product could be pasted on shop windows for gaining free publicity. Many websites provide users with an event page to advertise their products and services.

It is one of the modern advertising methods used to promote a service or product. It requires you to write content that explains about business in a clear and effective manner. One needs to have command over the language in order to create content that is both informative and catchy.

Link Swapping
The concept of link swapping helps increase web traffic to the site. It is one of the techniques used for website promotion.

Creating Reference Material
It is one of the best ways to advertise freely on the Internet. Creating reference material for the business websites helps increase the popularity of the website. It is helps to advertise your business by simultaneously helping Internet users with some informative content.

The above article provides readers with few of the effective techniques to advertise. One can use innovative ideas and skills in making his product or service more and more popular in the market.
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