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5 Video Marketing Tips During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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You may already know that video marketing has become an increasingly important trend in recent years. That’s simply because studies routinely indicate consumers engage with video content to a substantial degree.

The problem is, shooting video can be fairly difficult right now. The coronavirus pandemic is keeping a lot of people indoors. That means you may find it difficult (if not impossible or illegal) to plan major video shoots. Perhaps the only type of video content you can develop now involves shots of one or two people in a single generic location.

Don’t worry if this is the case. The following low-budget, indoor video marketing ideas will help you take advantage of this trend in the age of social distancing.

5 Types of Marketing Videos You Can Make During the Coronavirus Pandemic


This is a basic type of marketing video that nonetheless can provide your audience with genuine value. Depending on the nature of your product, customers may appreciate a video tutorial showing them how to use it.

Just make sure you’re creative with this. Don’t merely provide bland instructions. Make sure the information is both valuable and appealing. For example, if you’re a marketer for a brand of kitchen gadgets, you could shoot short cooking videos showing how to make different recipes with your products.


Content needs to be valuable. However, not all “value” is educational. Your audience might also some entertainment (particularly when they’re stuck indoors). Thus, if you have comedic skills, you could shoot a short video sketch in a small space. For instance, if you were marketing a photo-taking app, you might create a character who uses the app to take selfies in an amusing way. This is a low-budget option that could definitely keep your audience entertained during a tough time.

Q & A

Through your various digital marketing channels (such as social media and email), encourage your customers to submit questions about your brand. On a regular basis, post videos in which you answer the best questions from the last few days or weeks.

Company Culture Videos

Brands often engage with potential customers by sharing videos that demonstrate their company culture. An example would be a behind-the-scenes look at the company office.

Of course, if you’re working from home now, you can’t show off your traditional office. However, you can modify your approach (and relate to customers going through the same struggles) with a video showing how your organization’s various employees are keeping the company culture alive while working remotely. This would of course involve asking employees to submit short videos of themselves working at home. With the right incentive, they may be willing to do so.

Listicle Videos

Take a look at popular YouTube channels such as WatchMojo. They often involve basic shots of a talking head sharing interesting or entertaining information. The only other shots are clips from other videos (such as relevant movies or news clips) that have been edited in. These are inexpensive to produce, and very easy to make if you have basic video editing skills.

These are all ideas to keep in mind as you adjust your video marketing strategy for the coronavirus pandemic. Remember, being stuck inside doesn’t mean you can’t create videos that will truly engage your customers. Now may in fact be the best time to take advantage of this marketing trend.

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