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9 Common Mistakes That New YouTubers Should Avoid

YouTube has become the largest video sharing website in the world. With thousands of videos uploaded every hour, there's a mad rush for the number of views for these videos as well. For a video to become successful, it becomes essential that it is uploaded without any mistake.

Nov 21, 2015

Nostalgia Marketing is The New Trend All Marketers are Embracing

Nostalgia marketing can be defined as a marketing strategy that banks upon the memories of the past, and increases potential consumers by connecting with target customers on an emotional basis. It also evokes a feeling of humbleness, simplicity, association, and loyalty. This MarketingWit post talks about this new emerging trend which many marketers are adopting.

Jul 15, 2015

Cool Restaurant Board Ideas

A stylish restaurant menu board can be one of the first things to create an impression on your customer and lure him to your restaurant. The MarketingWit article below presents some cool restaurant board ideas.