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Blog Content Marketing: Essential Tips to Write Strong Entries

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Content marketing is effective for a very simple reason: people don’t want brands to merely tell them about their products and services. Instead, they want brands to provide them with valuable content (whether it’s entertaining, educational, or both). This allows them to develop a natural relationship with a brand that can result in them becoming loyal customers.

One popular way to offer valuable content is through a blog. This is also an affordable strategy.

However, having a blog doesn’t guarantee success. You need to write strong entries to attract a loyal readership. These blog content marketing tips will help.

Essential Blog Content Marketing Tips: How to Write Strong Entries

Make Them Scannable

The content of your blog entries isn’t the only element that will determine whether they attract readers. The way the content is formatted is also very important.

Research indicates that these days, it’s actually more common for people to browse the internet and consume online content via mobile devices than via desktop computers. Make sure you’ve accounted for this when formatting your blog entries.

If your blog entries have too many large chunks of text with no headers, bullet points, or similar formatting to orient a reader, they’ll be difficult to read on a small mobile device’s screen. Your paragraphs should be relatively short and you should use formatting elements to break entries up into different sections.

Know What You’re Offering

Again, content marketing delivers results because it provides leads with the value they crave. Keep this in mind when deciding what types of blog entries to write. You have to give your audience a practical reason to read your blog.

For example, maybe you’re marketing a line of compact and portable fitness products. If so, your audience consists of people looking for ways to work out in small spaces, such as hotel rooms and apartments. You might thus provide them with value by writing a blog entry on “10 Effective Bodyweight Exercises You Can do in Your Small Apartment.”

Use the Right Keywords

Your main goal is to write blogs that offer some value to your readers. That said, you still need to account for SEO basics.

Learn how to do keyword research. Including the right keywords in your blog entries will help you attract the types of readers looking for the content you’re offering.

Include Images

Don’t make the mistake of assuming your blog content should only include text. On the contrary, readers tend to respond more to blogs that also incorporate images and video when necessary. These visual elements shouldn’t be so abundant that they become distracting, but they should break up your text and make the overall entry more dynamic. Keep in mind that breaking up text with images is another way to make longer blog entries appear more organized for small mobile device screens.

As always, you also need to monitor your blog content marketing strategy to determine which entries yield the greatest results. These blogging tips for marketers will simply help you start planning your strategy.

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